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HTTP error 301: You will be redirected to the new blog site 🙂



Testing Drivel

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This is a test post using Drivel.

Does it work?


The Art Of Community by Jono Bacon

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ATI Linux Proprietary Driver – Catalyst 9.8 RELEASED

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It is available for download here (64 bit platform).

Updated instructions for Ubuntu installation  are as always here.


Oracle In-Memory Database

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Interesting links:


IEEE 802.21: Media-Independent Handover Services

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The IEEE 802.21 working group (see recently finalized the first standard for dealing with handovers in heterogeneous networks, also called Media-Independent Handovers (MIH). The standard is expected to allow mobile users (and operators) to take full advantage of overlapping and diverse access networks. It provides a framework for efficiently discovering networks in range and executing intelligent heterogeneous handovers, based on their respective capabilities and current link conditions.

An interesting primer about this can be found on the last issue of “The Internet Protocol Journal”.


Root exploit for Linux Kernel in the Tun Interface

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Brad Spengler, the developer behind the Grsecurity project, has published an exploit for a vulnerability in the Tun interface in Linux kernel 2.6.30 and 2.6.18, which can be exploited by attackers to obtain root privileges.

The fix is available for kernel, see the patch here.

Now the real question is: is it a GCC issue (the fno-delete-null-pointer-checks optimization) or a programming error? I vote for the second 🙂