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VMark on 16 cores: AMD vs Intel

luglio 4, 2008 Lascia un commento

At least AMD has released its Quad-Core Opteron CPU and we also have a comparison in term of VMark.

It seems that 16 cores AMD Opteron 8360 SE @2.5 Ghz have a better overall score than 16 cores Intel X7350 @3.0 Ghz (both on DELL Platform R900 and R905).

The VMark Results are here.


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VMware Virtual SMP: the more not always is the better

luglio 2, 2008 Lascia un commento

An interesting post from performance blog about the scheduler of VMware ESX and the so called “Simultaneous scheduling”.

It’s an ineresting proof of the fact that adding more vCPU to a VM not always take you the expected benefit.

As an aside note, in this post there are interesting considerations about the scalability in term of performance of Web servers.