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Jast Another (VMware) Backup Script (JABS) public release

aprile 14, 2009 Lascia un commento

I finally convinced my friend Toccio to release JABS in the public. JABS, Jast Another Backup Script,  is a very handy backup script for VMware ESX and VI3 (I’ve not yet tested on 3i, dunno if it will work).

I’ve worked for severals years with VMBK from Max Daneri, but Max is not developing his script any more, and it has been written before the VCB era (in the old ESX 1.x and 2.x funny days :-)).

I’ve also tried another good script, VISBU, from Alex Mittell, but setting up different backup sessions was not so simple as with JABS.

JABS is a Bash script to schedule  backups of Virtual Machines, mainly to be exported to NAS folder. The nice feature of Jabs is that you can define different”sessions” in the configuration files, using for example some pattern of the “display name” of the VM, and JABS will prepare all the necessary vcb* commands for you, sending a nice email report.

You can find more on Jabs here on Toixland.